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Offering Only the Best Communication Systems

Your company's communication system is extremely important for the everyday proceedings of your business. Many become overwhelmed with the variety of complex choices for voice and data networks. With the industry giant Avaya (formerly Nortel) as a partner, at Straughn Communications, we make it our business to guide you through the fast-moving technological changes amidst a multitude of manufacturers, service providers, and design platforms.

IP Office Essential Edition

Make sure your small business has the communication tools needed in order to operate smoothly. The IP Office Essential Edition is your first step towards building an enhanced office communication system for your team. This system provides you with the basics in order to streamline your operation. Learn more about this system by reviewing our fact sheet.

IP Office Essential Edition Includes:

• Caller ID
• VoIP and/or Digital Telephones
• Automated Attendants
• Voice Mail
• Dial-By-Name
• Multi-Party Conference Calling

Telecommunication Devices

IP Office Preferred Edition

Allow your staff to easily respond to their customers and colleagues by using the IP Optimal Preferred Edition. This system takes a step up from the IP Office Essential Edition, delivering intelligent communication capabilities throughout your business. View these capabilities and their benefits by checking out our fact sheet.

IP Office Preferred Edition Includes:

• Sophisticated Messaging • Application Integration • Call Handling and More

Supported Sets

1400 / 1600 Series, 9500 / 9600 series, Avaya One-X, 5400/5600 Series